Timing Your Roof Repairs Autumn vs Winter

The kids are back in school. The summer sporting events are done and dusted. And we’re all trying to make the most of the final few sunny days. Yes, summer is over for another year. That means it’s time to make sure your roof is ready for the wet weather ahead.

So, when is the best time to get your roof repaired?

Sooner rather than later

When it comes to roofing, it’s always best to get repairs sorted sooner rather than later. If you’re concerned about your roof, or you already know there’s a problem, then it’s best to get on the phone with a reliable roofing company as soon as you can.

Roofing problems never go away on their own – and the sooner something is repaired, the quicker, easier and cheaper those repairs will be. If a small leak, missing tile or broken gutter is left untreated, it will undoubtedly get worse.

That applies throughout the year, but even more so as we head into autumn and winter when the weather is colder and wetter. As well as there being more rainfall to cause issues with your roof, bad weather means fewer days where roofing work can safely be carried out.

Autumn vs winter

On top of the general ‘ASAP’ rule of thumb, there are a few additional reasons why autumn is a better option than winter for your roofing repairs…

Worsening weather

First and foremost, the weather is typically wetter, colder and windier in winter compared to autumn. As above, that means a few more days ruled out for roofing work. But it also means more damage to your roof and the rest of your property if it’s not fully watertight.

Roofer availability

As the weather gets worse, more people become aware of issues with their roof. While those problems may have been hidden through the year, they’ll definitely become apparent when the rain gets heavy. The result is most roofers being booked up, reducing the chance of a quick repair job for your home or commercial property.

Further damage

With less availability comes longer waiting times. If water continues to penetrate your roof while you’re waiting for repairs, you could risk more serious problems with your building’s structure or electrics – not to mention more of the stress and unrest that leaks cause in general.


On top of everything above, you could end up paying more. For one, because it will cost more to repair the damage if it’s left to get worse. But also because of supply and demand and many increases of materials across the spectrum. With more demand for roof repairs and replacement, some roofers could increase their prices over the busy winter period.

Book your autumn roof repairs today

The verdict is in – autumn is invariably better than winter for roof repairs and replacements. If you’ve noticed an issue with your roof, or just want to book an inspection for complete peace of mind, don’t hesitate to contact the team at DPR Roofing.

We’ve been providing expert roof repairs and replacements for domestic and commercial customers across Huddersfield for over 30 years – and we can do the same for you this autumn. Call us today on 01484 866 772.