6 Common Problems with Gutters

Gutters perform a vital function for your roof and your property. Once rainwater falls off your roof, they guide it down the drains and well away from your walls and foundations. Unfortunately, there are a few problems which can arise that prevent them from doing so effectively.

Read on as we look at six common problems with gutters, the causes and how to rectify them.

1. Wrong slope

We’ll start with the most basic problems, which are invariably down to poor installation. The first is an incorrect slope. Guttering needs a small slope or fall to guide water towards downpipes rather than simply sitting in the gutters. Without it, water won’t leave the gutters fast enough and they will start to overflow when the rain is heavy.

2. Wrong size

Second is size. Gutters need to be installed in proportion to the size of your roof as well as its slope. This – along with the local rainfall levels – will affect how much rain will be running into gutters, and how large they need to be to cope with it. Again, insufficient gutters will lead to overflowing and breaks over time.

3. Blockages

Now, onto a naturally occurring issue. Rainwater isn’t the only thing that runs into your gutters. They can also collect any debris that falls off your roof, including leaves, twigs or even moss that’s been washed away. That’s especially true in autumn, when leaves fall off their trees en-masse.

When this sort of debris gets wet, it creates a clumpy mess in your gutters which stops water from flowing freely. The result is overflowing water and extra pressure on the gutters themselves, which can lead to other problems…

4. Sagging

Sagging is common for gutters that are holding too much weight. That’s usually down to blockages, but could also be caused by incorrect installation, with support brackets fitted too far apart. Once gutters sag, water will build up and make the problem worse. The result is constantly overflowing water or even a complete break.

5. Cracks

Cracks can develop in your guttering system because of unnecessary pressure on the gutters or just wear and tear, with materials weakening over time. Whatever the case, cracks will allow water to get through, falling onto your walls and causing further damage. Remember, well installed and maintained gutters should not be leaking.

6. Loose gutters

Finally, there’s the issue of loose guttering. This is basically when gutters and downpipes start to come away from your roof or walls. As with many other problems, this may be down to poor installation, extra pressure due to a blockage, or just general wear and tear. Whatever the case, it will need fixing to keep your gutters doing their job properly.

Gutter repairs and maintenance

At DPR Roofing, we provide a full range of professional guttering services to keep your gutters at their best. If your gutters are sagging, cracked, loose or simply inadequate, we can make the necessary repairs to put things right. Additionally, our gutter clearance services will prevent blockages and all of the problems that come with them.

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