Soffit, Fascia & Barge Boards – What’s the Difference?

If you don’t know about the different parts on your roof, it can feel like a shot in the dark trying to figure out what’s going on up there – not to mention deciphering what roofers are talking about after an inspection.

Soffits, fascias and barge boards are a case in point. You probably know that they’re situated around the edge of your roof.  Yet, you might not be clear on what they do and how they differ. Read on as we clear things up…

Fascia boards: the basics

Fascia boards come down from the edge of your roof and sit horizontally around the perimeter. They protect the edge of your roof’s rafters, as well as providing a base onto which guttering can be fixed.

If your roof has a slight overhang, fascia boards will be attached with a gap between the boards and your walls. However, if your roof has flush eaves, they will be fixed directly onto the walls.

What about soffits?

As mentioned above, roofs that overhang exterior walls will have a gap between the wall and the fascia board. That’s where soffits come in. They are flat boards which cover the gap from the underside. Attached to the bottom of fascia boards, they provide added protection for the edge of your roof, as well as covering up unsightly gaps.

Together, fascia and soffit boards create a box shape against the wall, which requires ventilation to avoid a build-up of moisture. However, many have ventilation built in.

How barge boards differ

Unlike fascia and soffit boards, barge boards are used on the gable of a property. In short, that’s the triangular piece of wall that sits between the slanting sides of the roof – in contrast to the eaves, which are parts of the roof that slope down and overhang the wall.

Because this part of the roof doesn’t have gutters, barge boards are simply used to protect and support the gable edges of your roof – as well as making it look a bit nicer.

Looking after fascia, soffit and barge boards

While they might seem trivial, all three types of board contribute to the appearance and function of your roof. With that in mind, they need to be regularly inspected and properly maintained to avoid more serious issues developing.

Damage to your fascia, soffit or barge boards can leave the edge of your roof exposed to the elements. This can lead to moisture ingress and decay. It also provides an opening for birds, insects or other creatures to nest within your roof, which could cause further damage.

Speak to the experts

To keep your roof looking good and working well, fascia, soffit and barge boards should be regularly inspected, adequately ventilated, and fully sealed off. Suspect you might have issues with the boards on your roof? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at DPR Roofing in Huddersfield.

Commercial or domestic, we provide professional roofing and guttering services to customers throughout Huddersfield and the surrounding areas. By inspecting your roof up close, we can identify any problems with your fascia, soffit or barge boards. Then we’ll provide you with long-lasting repairs to suit your needs.