Help! My New Roof is Leaking

Having a new roof installed should rid your home of any roofing problems. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, within months or even weeks of a roof renewal, you can find yourself with water ingress and leaks.

Find out why that’s the case and the best course of action.

Sudden leaks on a new roof

Nobody ever expects their roof to start leaking. That’s especially true when the roof has been newly installed. However, there are a range of issues with the installation that could lead to a leak

  • Cheap materials – If your roofer has cut costs with cheap materials, they will often fail the minute they’re tested by heavy rain.
  • Poorly laid tiles – Just a single tile poorly fastened or out of place can allow water into your roof and cause a leak inside your home.
  • Flashing – Flashing is used on any joins in the roof to stop water getting in. Unfortunately, some roofers are too slap-dash with this important aspect, leaving gaps for water to penetrate your roof.
  • Punctures – Your roofer may have simply been careless while working on your roof and damaged it in the process.

Fixing their work

If a new roof is leaking, you’re within your rights to ask the company that installed it to put things right. This will be covered in any guarantee you have, as they typically apply to parts and installation. Unfortunately, there are some instances where this won’t be the solution.

Firstly, some roofers don’t offer guarantees and won’t return to fix your roof, even though they’ve clearly done a bad job. Others will return to fix it but won’t do a good job of that either, leaving your roof still leaking or patched up to leak another day.

Time to switch roofers

If either of the above applies to you, it’s time to cut your losses and switch roofers. Leaks can cause serious damage to your roof and your home, and the longer you leave them, the more damage they can do. When time is of the essence, it’s not always worth waiting around for shoddy contractors to come back and try another quick fix.

Make sure you only choose a reputable roofer, so you don’t end up in the same mess again. Check their experience, accreditations and reviews or testimonials to get a good idea of what they’re like. They will recommend the right repairs to stop the leak completely and provide a fully costed quote.

Need help with your roof?

If your roof is leaking, there’s no time to waste. Contact DPR Roofing in Huddersfield to get things sorted for good. We’re a team of expert roofers with over three decades’ experience in domestic roofing.

Whether it’s recurring problem or a leak you’ve just spotted, we’ll provide a prompt response and a solution that stands the test of time. Call our team today on 01484 866 772 to arrange an inspection.