DPR Roofing recently delighted a local resident after the heavy summer rains caused considerable problem at their home.

Their dormer on one side of the property was leaking horrendously with water entering into the building on a regular basis. The heavy rain meant that the situation had become untenable and the home owner quickly called on our emergency team to come and repair the issues.

Within 48 hours the dormer had been completely renewed and the homeowner was so pleased at the quality of the work and the professionalism of our team, that he requested his other dormer to be replaced a few days after as they were the same age and the worry this could also fail was just too much. This was scheduled and completed quickly much to his delight.

This is just one of many examples where the DPR team go above and beyond to meet the needs of every individual. The very heavy rain meant that our emergency team were stretched during this busy weekend, however we continue to offer an excellent service to both the commercial and domestic sectors. We recently spoke about a job at Speedy Hire which was completed on the same weekend and we have also completed emergency works at other venues including at a golf course in Yorkshire with hundreds of roof holes from not golf balls but golf ball sized hail stones.

For more information on our emergency roofing services, or to find out how we have contracts in place with leading companies to ensure that in emergency situations we are on site within a short time scale, contact Yorkshire’s leading roofers, DPR today.