The strong winds during the past month have caused havoc at properties across the Yorkshire region, with the Unity Enterprise centre having a cast iron gutter fall off their building.

The large and very heavy piece of guttering fell from the rear of the property, straight into the rear yard area of the Enterprise Centre and could have caused a fatal accident had someone been outside at the time.

The gutter fell off without any notice despite regular checks on the building by DPR and Unity. It just goes to show that accidents can happen at just about anytime regardless of inspections. The corrosion was hidden out of sight and nobody could have predicted the gutter fall.

As per our agreement with Unity Housing, our team were on site quickly and as per our recommendations and their instructions, emergency scaffolding was put around the building and all the cast iron guttering removed from the building.

The same day, the team replaced these pipes with brand new PVC alternatives which are much safer, fitting them to the whole property. All the work was completed within 48 hours and did not stop the enterprise centre being used, much to the delight of the client.

DPR Roofing has been working with Unity Housing on a number of projects for just under 6 months and we continue to provide guttering checks and cleans for them across the whole of Huddersfield on a contract basis. We also provide this for other companies like Premium Timber in Dewsbury, where we provide ongoing support and aftercare.

If you would like more information on our contracts, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today. We can set up contracts where we are just your emergency providers, or where we come and check your property every 4-6 weeks dealing with gutter blockages and other roofing checks.