4 Ways Weather Can Affect Your Roof

The primary purpose of any roof is to protect the property below it from the outside world. In most cases, this means the ever-changing British weather. But as it works to protect your property, your roof can also become the victim of that weather – in more ways than one.

In this post, we’ll look at four types of weather that can affect your roof.

1. Rain

Rain is the most obvious enemy for any roof – and it’s the worst type of weather to get into your building. Put simply, rain will attack every last crevice of your roof and make its way through even the smallest cracks.

If it penetrates the surface of your roof, rainwater can cause more serious structural problems. Once your roof’s rafters, beams or battens get wet, they can weaken, decay and rot over time which could impair the structural integrity of your roof.

2. Wind

Wind is another type of weather which can pose problems for roofs that haven’t been well maintained. But we’re not talking about a gentle breeze.

From autumn through to spring, it’s not uncommon to see wind speeds rising above 30mph in the UK. When this happens, it puts several parts of your roof to the test. Anything that’s loose – whether it’s flashing, tiles or guttering – will be made worse or even blown out of place by the strong winds.

On top of that, wind can blow debris into your gutters. That becomes even more problematic in autumn as the trees shed their leaves. Professional gutter clearance is a simple way to stop those leaves blocking your gutters, preventing leaks, water ingress and further damage to your guttering.

3. Snow and ice

The first snowfall of the year is usually pretty exciting – not least because it’s synonymous with Christmas. But it’s also a sign that temperatures have dropped to near or below zero, which could cause issues for your roof.

While UK temperatures are relatively mild, the formation of ice can still lead to freeze-thaw action on your roof. In short, water gets into cracks then expands as it freezes. This makes the crack slightly bigger, before the ice melts and the water escapes. When it happens several times in the same spot, it can cause tiny cracks to become much bigger and allow water through your roof.

4. Sun and heat

Most people are well aware that the colder months are the trickiest for your roof. But unfortunately, it’s not always plain sailing when it gets to summer. Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause some roofing materials to crack, blister and wear down.

This is generally an issue for flat roofs, which simply need to be recoated or resealed to protect them from the UV rays.

Preventing weather damage on your roof

From the wind and rain to ice and even sun, the UK weather can be pretty unforgiving for your roof. That said, roofs that are well maintained should have no problems dealing with all kinds of weather to protect your property.

At DPR Roofing, we provide roof repairs and replacements across Huddersfield that you can depend on in all conditions. With our help, you can rest assured your roof will protect you rain or shine for complete peace of mind. To arrange an inspection or quote, give us a call on 01484 866 772.