When any part of a roof meets a vertical surface or abutment the joint between the vertical surface and the roof covering needs to be sealed against leaks. Lead is usually used for this and when installed in this way it is called Lead Flashing. Lead is used because it is a very durable material which has the ability to expand and contract with varying temperatures. This is essential on a roof which is quite obviously open to all elements.

DPR Roofing Huddersfield recently completed a project in Golcar which involved repair works to the step flashings on a property. An inspection had found that the pointing had become defective which was leaving the property open to water penetration.

In order to rectify the problem DPR’s roofers raked out all of the existing pointing to the flashings. They checked all of the lead soakers and replaced any which were found to be split or damaged. To complete the project the roofer reset the lead flashings, plugging with traditional plugs and repointed in a leadmate waterproof compound for ultimate water protection.