Repairing or replacing your roof can be a costly affair, especially if you own a large property or have used expensive materials in your roof’s design. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to maximise the lifespan of your roof and minimise the need for expensive replacements, fixes and refurbishments. Read on for our guide on how to best protect both your roof and your wallet!

Regular inspections

One of the easiest ways to look after your roof is to simply check it on a regular basis. A build-up of snow and ice can cause collapses due to the sheer weight of water sitting on top of your roof and a build-up of moss and ivy can hold a surprising amount of water which can soak through your tiles plus grow in to your loft area.

What’s more, if you don’t regularly clean your gutters you may fall victim to pools of water which can collect on top of your roof and potentially cost you thousands in water-damage repairs. For our full guide on how to inspect and clean your roof, click here >>

Get a professional roof inspection

You should seek help from a roof maintenance professional at all times. Turning to an expert in the field will give you full confidence that you are putting your roof in safe hands and will receive a report that explains all the needs of your roof.

A surveyor will start by combing your roof’s interior for any ventilation, moisture and mould issues, before moving outside and assessing the condition of your roofs materials, such as flashings, tiles and chimney work. They will assess the lifespan and any need for immediate repairs and put this in to a report for you

Ventilate your loft correctly

Another way to ensure that your roof lives a long and healthy life is to ventilate your loft properly. This is essential during both the winter and summer months; during warmer periods lofts can get extremely hot and put your roof under a lot of heat stress, whereas during colder months any dampness in the air can condensate on timbers causing we rot. Ventilated lofts are an essential need for your roof.
To avoid either happening to you, roof vents fitted to the external slates or tiles are the best and most economical solution. They will keep the air circulated and stop condensation forming on timbers.

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