Keeping gutters clear is an essential part of maintaining your property, and unlike some other maintenance work, much of this can be done for no, or very little, cost. DPR Roofing in Huddersfield offers a few top tips to help you keep your property in tip top condition.

Huddersfield roofers, DPR, advise that gutters are an essential part of your roof, keeping rain away from the walls of the building, thereby protecting wall surfaces, woodwork, and paintwork from damage. Even brickwork can suffer erosion from water damage over time if a leaking or overflowing gutter is allowed to drip onto it. Water running down walls will cause problems with damp that can be traced back to under-performing guttering. Often damp patches, or mould, growing on internal walls may be attributed to faulty guttering.

DPR Roofing (Huddersfield) Ltd offers the following advice to maintain the good condition of your roof, and help prevent roof repairs in the future:

Use a gardening trowel, or similar suitable tool, to clear debris from along the length of the guttering. Work away from down pipes to avoid debris falling down the pipes and causing blockages. When the section of guttering is clear, test for blockages by pouring a jug of water along the gutter.

If the gutter leaks, or shows evidence of damage, you should attend to this promptly. Guttering made of iron will be extremely heavy, and replacing this is best left to an expert. Local Huddersfield roofing company, DPR, can carry out repairs and maintenance to guttering promptly and efficiently throughout the Huddersfield area. Modern, plastic guttering is easier to work with than older iron guttering. Damaged sections can more easily be replaced with new lengths. It is important to ensure that the joints are watertight, however, and if you have any difficulty with this, you may prefer to look for professional roofers in the Huddersfield area to carry out the repairs for you. DPR Roofing offers first class roofing services throughout the Huddersfield area, with a wide experience of repairs to roof surfaces and guttering.

If your guttering is obviously sagging, even if it is not currently leaking, it may be best to call in DPR Roofing to replace missing or damaged gutter brackets, to make the guttering firm again.

Any problems with guttering can be tackled by your Huddersfield roofers, DPR Roofing. Telephone 01484 290087 for further information or advice and experience the premier roofing service in Huddersfield that comes with over 20 years’ experience in roofing repairs.