How Much Does Scaffolding Cost for My Roof?

Scaffolding is an essential requirement for almost every roof replacement. It’s also a must for larger roof repairs. But how much will it set you back? Read on as we discuss the factors involved in scaffolding costs and how much you can expect to pay.

Some ballpark figures for scaffolding

Much like your roof itself, the cost of scaffolding depends on the type of property and its size. Terraced houses will only have scaffolding at the front and back, and are typically smaller than semi-detached or detached homes. With this in mind, you can expect to pay around £400-700.

If you have a larger, detached home, it will usually need scaffolding around the entire perimeter, giving roofers access to every part of the roof. Along with the larger size of the home, this could see the cost of scaffolding rise to £2,000 or even more.

The value of scaffolding

Cutting corners can be costly in the long run when it comes to your roof. Scaffolding is a definite case in point, which is why it’s best to consider the value that scaffolding provides for the cost you pay.

Roofers require scaffolding for three main reasons – safety, efficiency and performance:

Safety – Above all else, scaffolding allows safe access to your roof over much longer periods than any ladder.

Efficiency – Roofers can complete jobs much quicker if they have a solid structure to work from at height. There’s no need to go up and down ladders, with a space to keep materials and tools much closer to your roof.

Performance – Having that safe structure to work from allows roofers to achieve the best results. Nothing will be rushed or compromised, giving you the best roof possible for the price you’re paying.

Should I get my own scaffolding quote?

Scaffolding costs will typically be included in a quote for your roof. Some roofing companies may put up their own scaffolding, while others will have a trusted scaffolding company they use on all jobs.

If scaffolding isn’t clearly outlined in the breakdown on your quote, it’s worth making sure it’s included to avoid any added costs further down the line.

In theory, you can get your own quote directly from scaffolding companies and some roofers may even request this. However, this isn’t really a common practice. Roofers will be much happier working with a trusted scaffolder seeing as it’s them who will be using it to work at height.

On top of that, you would just be adding unnecessary work for yourself. If you’re working with an established roofing company, you can rest assured they will get a fair price and simply cover the cost of scaffolding in your quote.

All bases covered for your roof

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, DPR Roofing can cover all bases when it comes to your roof repairs or replacement. From scaffolding to the best materials and a flawless finish, we’ll provide a fair, detailed quote that ticks every box and gives you complete peace of mind. We even have our own powered access boom for jobs where scaffolding won’t suffice!

To arrange an inspection and quote in Huddersfield or nearby areas, feel free to contact our team.