With experience spanning over 25 years, DPR strive to not only provide a professional and efficient service for all clients but to also provide the best possible advice for all things roofing. It is important to us to give helpful advice so that you can ensure your roof remains in a good condition without any damages. With our services ranging from the repair, replacement, and installation of a variety of roofs, lead work and gutter clearance, for both domestic and commercial properties, the professionals at DPR are here to help no matter how big the problem.

Tiles are a popular material used for roofing and with a life span of up to 100 years, it is easy to see why. However as with everything else, tiles can become damaged with age and extreme bouts of weather. Because of this, it is advised that roofs are checked at least once a year, especially between the changing seasons, and a few simple visual inspections on the inside and outside of your house could help you to determine if repair work is required.

One key sign that there may be damage to your roof tiles are leaking and dark spots on the ceilings of the top floors or attics of the inside of your property as this indicates that the roof is no longer acting as a protective layer, allowing dampness from the outside to come in. The other obvious sign is outside light showing through the roof.

When it comes to exterior checks, it is useful to walk around your property to look for missing tiles or fragments of tiles on the floor. Roofs should also be relatively uniform, so look for anything generally out of place such as rotting and mould or any loose material and wear around chimneys, vents, and pipes. It is also important to check that gutters are securely attached.

DPR’s roofing specialists in Huddersfield provide services including a full and comprehensive site survey, tile repairs and maintenance and professional installation of a wide array of clay, concrete and natural tiles to suit your property.

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