We have often spoken about Green Roofs at DPR, and have mentioned the many benefits of them. Aside from being impressive and beautiful from a design and aesthetic perspective, they are also very important in tackling climate change.

In areas of urban sprawl green roofs and roof gardens help to tackle the urbanisation of green spaces. They provide a small ecosystem for wildlife and can help tackle pollution.

On a larger scale they can make cities, and even countries, more eco-friendly. So the progress and development of green roofs is being closely documented.

On the 26th of July the first ever assessment of green roofs was carried out at London City hall and was hosted by the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues. At the event they publicized the first ever set of data collated about green roofs. And in fantastic news it was found that the UK green roof market is delivering an incredible 17% increase in growth year on year.

James Talman, CEO of the National Federation of Roofing said:

                “Roofing is sometimes viewed in a narrow context, but the continued expansion of the green roof market plays an essential role in highlighting the diversity of the industry. Apart from the ecological, environmental and social benefits green roofs provide, they also are important in creating rewarding careers for multi-skilled professionals.

“We are pleased to support the green roof industry in its quest to see other large urban conurbations in the UK following the GLA’s lead on ‘greening’ our cities.”

Currently 42% of the green roofing market is focussed in London, but this is rapidly changing as more and more cities are adopting the design and eco benefits of green roofs.

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