After announcing back in March 2015 that we had started providing roofing services for Unity Housing, we have since been involved in roof renewals, multi gutter clearance and roof repair work throughout Huddersfield for the housing association.


Ensuring your guttering is clear of debris is vitally important and only last month we were called out to a property where you could not see the gutter such was the volume of weeds and debris inside.

The Chapeltown Enterprise Centre offers business spaces to local companies and can provide the perfect setting for small meetings or even conference calls. Unfortunately due to a lack of gutter maintenance at the site, the water was unable to run off the roof properly and thus found another path into the building rendering the building not fit for use.

DPR were contacted to come and inspect the guttering as an emergency and it was obvious that the problem was that the water had nowhere to go. Such was the volume of debris in the gutter, grass, weeds and even a full newspaper paper had been collected in there. The debris was also at the same level as the bottom slates so there was physically nowhere for the water to go except inside.

DPR sent a team of expert gutter clearance roofers out to site as soon as possible and through a number of techniques managed to completely free all the debris from the gutter. Once this had been completed, the team also ensured that the opening was working properly, cleaning this out too and repairing any obvious issues. The roof received an overhaul of slate repairs and all was good for the building to open its doors again.

All this work was completed in a quick timescale much to the delight of the businesses wanting to move in.

This project shows how DPR can quickly come to the aid of many local businesses and we have the skills and expertise to deal with a wide range of different commercial property roof issues. For more information on our roofing services, including new roof builds, roof repairs and flat roofing, as well as garage roofing, contact us today.