Gutters are an essential component of any home or commercial property. They keep water away from your property’s façade and its foundations. But sometimes, they can incur damage, or just wear and tear, which affects their function and puts your property at risk. Read on as we look at 8 signs that your gutters need some attention.  

  1. Cracks

Cracks in guttering can let water leak out, eventually causing damage to your property. It can also allow the crack to develop into a larger fracture, which could cause your drainage system to collapse further down the line.  

  1. Peeling paint

Paint on your gutters is designed to protect them from constant wear and tear. If it begins to flake, it means your gutters are exposed to dirt and water ingress, which could impair their strength and lead to cracks or breaks.  

  1. Rust

Constant rainfall can eventually cause metal gutters to rust. If you spot any signs of rust on your gutters, it’s worth getting that section replaced before it completely erodes or snaps under pressure. The rust on the outside is assurance that the inside, which carries the rainfall, is also corroding away.  

  1. Overflowing water

Your gutters are designed to deal with all rainwater that flows off your roof. If they’re overflowing, it means they’re not functioning properly, either because of damage or improper installation or design or blocked outlets from general silt and debris build up.

  1. Pools of water around property

Even if you can’t see water leaking or overflowing from your gutters, any pools of water collecting near the bottom of your property is a danger sign. The purpose of gutters is to stop this happening, so it’s a certain sign that they’re failing, and need inspecting properly.

  1. Water marks or damage around gutters

Are there any marks on your property? Check around the gutters for discolouration, as this could indicate moisture damage from water escaping your gutters. If left untreated, it will only get worse.  

  1. Mould

Similarly, your gutters may be letting moisture into different parts of your property, leading to mould growth. Look for mould around the base of your property, near the top of the exteriors and anywhere around the gutters and pipes.  

  1. Sag or pulling away

Improper design or installation, or even just poor maintenance, can cause gutters to sag and become bowed. This leads to more build-up of water or debris, which eventually causes gutters to pull away from the roof/wall. In either case, your gutters need to be fixed. If they’re left to completely pull away your property could incur serious damage.  

Don’t take the risk

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