DPR have been working long hours this week as they attending roofing repair jobs across the Huddersfield, Barnsley, Huddersfield and Wakefield areas after last week’s horrific storms.

Many homeowners have been ringing the company complaining of damage to their property, with missing tiles and broken gutters the main problems. Missing tiles have in turn lead to families coming to blows with damp patches, which has caused some destruction to the home.

Roof repairs are not always easy in these conditions either as the wind was still strong over the weekend, so our locally trained roofers have had to work effectively to solve the problems., This includes making sure no more damage can happen, and that the roof is watertight before the repair work can be carried out.

As DPR reported last week, the strong winds will find any imperfections in the roof structure, and coupled with driving rain, find any gaps to penetrate through. This week the winds have returned to more usual levels, with less strong gusts, allowing our team to repair the damage.

It is not only homeowners who have had problems however with local schools, businesses, and colleges all having differing levels of problems. Some were forced to shut whilst roof repairs were carried out. Fortunately for some schools this week is half term so roof repair work can be carried out in a safe environment.

Should you have an issue with your roof and still not had it repaired, please call one of our team to arrange for a survey and a repair. A damaged roof could cause problems at any time, so just because the issue might have stopped for now, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. It is important to seek professional advice as any water damage could lead to structural problems in the future.

For more information on the work we carry out, please view the roof repair sections on our website.