We’re supposed to be in summer right now, but looking out of the window it is hard to tell. Undoubtedly your pitched roof will be taking and incredible beating, and in time, may start to develop issues.

In Huddersfield, right in the heart of Yorkshire, homes are subject to some incredible stressors, and the roofs on these homes are right in the firing line. In this post DPR wanted to offer a few tips on what to look out for, to try and spot an issue before it is too late.

Broken or slipped tiles are very common in heavy weather. Wind and rain can dislodge the tile, and then once it has moved a small amount it is a lot easier for further wind to pick it up and move it even farther. This then leaves a gap in the roof through which water can enter.

Ridge tiles can often break. The usual cause for this is the mortar crumbling, which loosens its grip on the tile. The only proper way to repair this is to strip off the old tile and mortar, and then replace them both with new. Missing, degraded mortar in general can be an issue on a roof. Thankfully, both jobs are easy for the team here at DPR to remedy.

Debris can very much be an issue on a pitched roof. Due to the valleys often found on them, rubbish and debris can be collected which can either weaken the structure, or prevent the proper flow of water. This water will then not enter the drainage system, and will end up where it should not.

This issue can be compounded by ineffective guttering. Guttering that is blocked, broken, or simply not installed correctly will not work as it should. This, again, will stop water flowing where it should which can ultimately go on to create a number of issues.

If you fear you are suffering from any of the issues above then simply give us a call on 0113 335 0043 and one of our engineers will be more than happy to help.