In a recent case study we spoke about working on a government facility which we couldn’t divulge too much about, as it was classed as a secret site by the government. The work there is still ongoing, and in the meantime we thought it would be good to visit another top secret site.

We were contacted by David Brown Santasalo to carry out a very large scale roofing survey. They were let down by a previous contractor, and DPR have a reputation for reliably carrying out large scale work hence why we were called in.

David Brown Santasalo manufacture engine gears and parts for the M.O.D, submarines, tanks, war ships etc. So suffice it to say the site was extremely secure.

Before we could even access the site we were subjected to a huge number of health and safety checks to ensure that we were capable of working on a site of this size and nature. Then, when we reached the site we were subject to an extensive induction.

After this induction we were able to access the roofs and carried out a comprehensive site survey of the entire 11 acre site buildings. What we found was a roof that was in very bad shape and needs extensive work carried out on it.

We are now in the process of preparing large scale maintenance plans and re-roofing quotes for the entire site. This could end up being one of the largest jobs in DPR’s 28 year history.

If your industrial property needs some roofing work, and you require a roofer with experience in working with large scale projects then just call DPR on 0113 335 0043.