How to Keep Your Gutters Working in Autumn

Autumn is easily the worst time of the year for guttering. The falling leaves can clog your gutters and leave them completely out of action. Needless to say, this has repercussions for your home, which could become damaged by the extra water on its walls or foundations.

So, how can you make sure your gutters keep working throughout the autumn months and into winter?

Gutters in autumn

Running from mid-late September to just before Christmas, Autumn accounts for some of Britain’s wettest months. September, October, November and December were beaten only by January in 2018 in terms of overall rainfall.

At the same time, the change in weather and loss of light leads to leaves falling off trees across the UK. We don’t need to remind anyone of primary school science…

A perfect storm

This combination of leaves and rain creates a perfect storm for your gutters. When wet, leaves can clog a gutter in a matter of minutes. If the rain is heavy when they do, the blockage can even be pushed into the downpipes.

As the rain keeps falling, your gutters won’t be able to deal with it as they no longer have a free flow down the drain. The result is water gushing out of your gutters. In some cases, gutters can even break from the added weight as wet leaves and water build up.

Water damage from gutters

Both of these outcomes let water onto your property’s walls and even foundations, which can cause much more serious damage. One of the smaller problems is water simply seeping in through your walls and creating damp within the property.

However, if it gets to the foundations, it can even cause permanent structural damage. Over time, your home may begin to shift under its own weight and sink slightly into the ground.

Keeping gutters clear

When it comes to guttering issues, prevention is always better than the cure. It’s quicker, easier and costs much less for you as a homeowner to simply keep your gutters clean and clear.

Properties that have trees nearby should have their gutters cleaned at least once a year. October is typically when the leaves start to fall, so this could be the best time to book in a full gutter clearance.

However, properties with trees directly above can sometimes require two or three cleans per year. Remember, autumn isn’t the only time of year when leaves and other debris can fall.

Domestic guttering services

DPR Roofing provides a range of guttering services for homes in and around Huddersfield. Whether your gutters have been damaged by rain and leaves or just need a clearance, we can repair, clear and even replace gutters to keep your home protected from the rain.

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