Your roof is an absolutely essential part of any house and it is for this reason that it needs to be structurally sound to fulfil its role in an energy-efficient home , as well as keeping you warm. If you are thinking of getting a new roof, be sure not to cut corners with regard to cost. To help you deal with the financial aspects of getting a new roof, here is a breakdown of what some of the materials may cost:

• Slate roof tiles are generally priced at between £1.05 and £2.49 each
• For clay roof tiles, most roofers charge between 47p and 58p each
• For concrete roof tiles prices range from between 58p and £1.37 each
• Each timber roof shingle covering 2.28m2 costs £43.60
• Metal, copper or zinc PVC-coated sheets cost £8.85 per m2 , corrugated metal sheets cost £5.58 per m2

For repairs, Which? Magazine quotes the following average prices:
• Broken or missing tile replacement: £345
• Fixing a leaking roof: £405
• Rebuilding a chimney: £2100 to £2680
• Gutter replacement: £205
• Downpipe replacement: £155
• Gutter and downpipe cleaning: £200 to £560

To ensure the job is done properly, it is very important that you hire a trained, experienced and fully insured roofer for roofing company for your project. When calculating how much the entire project will cost, you should factor in the cost of labour and the fact that some roofers may charge by the hour and others will charge per job.

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