How Does Wind-Driven Rain Affect Roofs?

Wind and rain are the two most challenging types of weather for roofs, especially those that are already worse for wear. Put the two together, and you’ve got another issue – wind-driven rain. Read on as we explore what it is, who it affects and why it’s problematic for roofs.

What exactly is wind-driven rain?

As the name suggests, wind-driven rain occurs when rainfall is driven by the wind. But not all places suffer from this phenomenon. It takes quite a bit of wind to actually drive rain, so it’s perfectly normal for many places to experience wind and rain without the two working together.

The UK’s worst gales generally come from the Atlantic. As a result, the highest exposure to wind-driven rain comes along the west coast of the UK. That includes parts of Northern Ireland, the entire west coast of Scotland and Wales, plus the South-West and North-West of England – as shown on the NHBC exposure map.

Property problems from wind-driven rain

One of the main concerns with wind-driven rain is how it affects walls. Because it hits walls with more force, it can soak into brickwork, leading to water ingress and damp. That’s worse with cavity wall insulation, which holds moisture within the walls as well as becoming inefficient once it’s wet.

Another issue comes with windows, many of which aren’t prepared for the force of rain driven by wind. Much like you’d experience if you pressure washed your windows, wind-driven rain will force its way through the seals and joins in a window. The result is water on your windowsill or even in the gap between double glazing.

How it affects roofs

Walls and windows aren’t the only part of your home that suffers from wind-driven rain. Your roof can also bear the brunt. A roof that’s well installed and maintained shouldn’t have any issues. However, wind-driven rain can expose the tiniest problems that you didn’t know existed.

That could be a tiny break in the flashing or a loose tile that’s still in place. If rainwater simply fell on top of them, they would be fine. But because the rain is travelling horizontally, it can get into gaps that aren’t visible when looking at your roof.

Another issue is your chimney, which can be hit much the same as walls. If wind-driven rain soaks the brickwork, you could suffer from some water ingress. In this case, your chimney may need repointing or even waterproofing with a sealant.

Protect your roof from wind-driven rain

Huddersfield is one of the many parts of the UK that’s blighted by wind-driven rain. If you’re concerned about your roof’s welfare when the wind and rain kick in, DPR Roofing is on hand to help.

We can inspect your roof to identify the root cause of leaks or just check for any existing problems. You’ll get a no obligation quote for long-lasting repairs, with much more peace of mind when the heavens open. To find out more, contact us on 01484 866 772 or email [email protected].