DPR have spent the weekend repairing damaged roofs after high winds and rain caused severe damage to homes across the county.

Last Thursday saw winds of over 75mph hit the area, and coupled with the wind was rain which culminated in tiles, slate and guttering coming off roofs, with the worst in rural and high up areas. The high winds lasted just under 24 hours but the damage they have caused, which also includes a number of damp patches forming within houses, has left many people needing repair work.

This is a major issue, but here at DPR we are able to help you out of this tricky situation. We have a comprehensive team that are able to carry out roof repair work quickly and for a cost effective price. Our skilled roofers can carry out repair work to domestic and commercial properties, and understand that any roofing issue can cause a huge inconvenience to your daily lifestyle.

From cracked or missing tiles, to split or broken guttering, we have the staff to carry out your repair needs. A full site survey will be carried out by our qualified surveyors, and we will recommend the best possible approach to fix your roof. This could include replacement of tiles, repairing of a cracked tile or even a full replacement of a complete section of the roof.

We believe that prevention is however a much better option than a cure, so we offer an annual check of your roof on all properties. This will show up any problems before they can to fruition and will maintain the high quality of your roof.

For more information on the roof repair services we offer, or to book a repair, please call one of our team on the number at the top of the page and we will get someone out as soon as possible to check the problem.

We cover all the local towns and villages around your area and use local engineers so we are never too far away.