DPR have been providing roofing services to both commercial and domestic clients all over the Yorkshire area for 28 years. We provide a complete range of roofing services, from replacing a single tile, to an entire roof – which is what we did recently.

We received a job call from Wincobank Nursery and Infants school earlier this month as they were having some issues with their roof. As is standard practice the first step was for us to send out a survey team to inspect the roof. Unfortunately we found a roof that was in quite the state of disrepair. The building is old, and given the nature of its use; it is full of children and teachers, it is vital that this roof is safe and secure.

So after a discussion with the school it was determined that DPR would install a complete new roof onto the school. At the time of writing we have erected the scaffolding necessary for us to start the project. It will be a large job at a troublesome time of year, so we have to be methodical and careful in our practices to make sure that the project is successful and the roof is built properly.

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DPR roofing constantly invest in our staff and equipment. We intentionally keep abreast with the latest developments in roofing technology, as well as remembering age old practices so we can provide a complete services to all our clients.


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