With numerous inspections, several contractors to compare and costs to calculate – home improvement projects can be stressful. Nobody wants to make it more hectic by breaking rules with a planning breach. So, where do you stand when it comes to a new roof? Read on as we look at planning permission requirements for roofing projects.

Mostly, it’s a ‘no’ but there is the need for building regulations approval in some cases, if for example, the new roof is going to be heavier. Like for like roofs require no permissions at all.

In the vast majority of cases, there is no need to apply for planning permission when re-roofing a property. The same is true for most skylight and roof light installations too. Here are the conditions for permitted developments on roof windows:

  • Alterations must not project more than 150 millimetres above the existing roof plane
  • No alteration should exceed the height of the roof itself
  • Any side-facing windows should be obscure-glazed with any opening at least 1.7 metres above the floor

Based on this, any new roof which expands or enlarges a property will require planning permission.

Listed buildings

There are some exceptions to the rule. Listed buildings, or those in conservation areas, will require Listed Building Consent to alter any of the following:

  • The roof’s shape, height or pitch
  • It’s internal structure
  • The type of covering on the roof
  • Roof lights or skylights

How about solar panels?

Solar panels are also a permitted development in many cases, as long as they meet the following conditions:

  • They shouldn’t be installed higher than the height of the roof – excluding the chimney
  • Panels shouldn’t project more than 200mm from the roof’s surface or slope
  • Again, panels should not be installed on listed buildings or those in conservation areas

Roof replacements in Huddersfield

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