At DPR, we are meticulous in our health and safety procedures, ensuring that every roof we work on is completed to the strictest of guidelines.

We know that for many homeowners this is a very important part of how roofers work, and can be the difference between getting a repair contract or not. Not only do they want a roof repair or new roof build that is completed to the highest of quality standards, but also to be completed safely and without compromise.

This is also very important regarding commercial sector work. Some local councils like Huddersfield and Wakefield have slightly different standards so it is important to understand this to.
The extent at which homeowners will ensure roofing work is completed safely was also brought to light recently as a resident in the town of Windsor sent photos of the roofers repairing his roof to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Many of the photos show that the roofers had no fall prevention or fall arrest measures in place and the householder commented that at no point did they see the three workers taking safety into consideration. Some of you may think this is the fault of the workers but as the HSE inspector comments that it is the company first and foremost.

In a statement he said: “The company put the lives of three of their workers at risk by carrying out the roofing job in a totally unsafe manner. Anyone falling from the roof of a two-storey house would likely be killed and that type of disregard for safety is totally unacceptable.

“If the work had been planned correctly, more suitable equipment, such as a scaffold, and effective fall protection measures would have been in place. Where practical when working on roofs, there should be fully-guarded platforms or good edge protection in place to stop falls happening.”

Although this is not always the case, erecting scaffolding and safety equipment can add money to jobs and it is one of the reasons why people often work without the correct safety equipment.

At DPR we take roofers safety very seriously and it is one of the many reasons we have a high access boom, which allows us to complete work at a higher level safely. If you, like the gentleman from Windsor, want to commission roofers that work to the safety criteria, please do not hesitate to contact our local roofing team today.