Roofs are so integral to our homes, that many of us are inclined to take them for granted; that is until a leak develops. The costs that can be incurred as a result of a leaking roof, as well as the time it takes to make roof repairs, illustrate the need to pay more attention to your roof. Here is a step-by-side guide to help you inspect your roof for damage, or potential damage.

The interior

Look for any problems that may indicate potential roofing problems. Look for any stains on the ceiling that indicate the presence of a leak, as well as feeling around for any wet spots. To determine whether or not the stain is due to a leaking roof, check how the colour of the stain matches the exterior. If you have a loft, do the same, and also check for wet insulation. Another obvious sign of excess moisture is a musty smell. The best time to detect the presence of a leak if you have an attic is on a rainy day – shining a torch into an attic during such days will highlight the leak because water reflects light.

The exterior

Look at the roof from the outside using binoculars. Pay particular attention to the roof flashing around the chimney and the pipes and vents and check for any signs of warping. If the flashing is warped, then this is a sign that moisture could be settling beneath the surface. Check the sealant around skylights and dormers, which when degraded can cause leakages. You should also check porous areas like the spalling found on masonry, as these can become susceptible to water infiltration.

On the roof

We would strongly recommend working with another person if you plan to climb on to the roof. Climb the roof using a ladder, with your partner hold it securely at the bottom. When on the roof, check its perimeter for warped or missing shingles, as well as holes and scrapes. Sometimes roofing repairs can easily be undertaken through the simple process of replacing a shingle, or indeed nailing it or cementing it back into place. At other times, you will need to contact roofing professionals.

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