We see it as our role to not only provide excellent service to all our clients, but to also educate them on proper practices. Often we have found that clients from all over Yorkshire ring us with very little clue on what is actually going on, or even how best to describe the issues they are having. So we thought we would jot down a few things that might help you understand your roof.

1.       Inspect your roof when it is safe. If you notice a small leak during a storm, absolutely do not attempt to inspect it during the storm. The weather will make it treacherous and massively increase the risk of you falling. You should also wait a good amount of time after the storm has passed to allow the roof to dry. Also, you should also only ever get on your roof if you understand basic health and safety principles. Never attempt anything you are unsure of.

2.       There are no good short term fixes. Avoid cheaper, unprofessional roofers. A lot of people have some understand of basic building work, so can avoid rogue cowboy builders, but do not seem to carry that knowledge over into roofers. But trust your instincts, ask about accreditations, testimonials, insurance etc. look at their staff and equipment, if it is old and shoddy, why is that?

3.       Use a professional. We love the DIY spirit at DPR, however sometimes it is recommended that people swallow their pride and call a professional, especially when working with roofs. Too much is at stake, and when working at heights the risk to the individual is too great.

DPR roofing are based near Huddersfield. We have been repairing and installing roofs in this area for 28 years. Few roofers can match this type of longevity. To learn more about best practice for your roof, or to find out how DPR roofing can help you with any issues you may be having then just call us on 0113 335 0043.