Roofing is a complex job, requiring a mass of training and experience. But that doesn’t stop shoddy roofers attempting it at your expense. They talk the talk and convince you to pay them to fix your roofing problem, only to leave you with a damaged roof that needs repairing again afterwards.

In this post we look at 3 common errors shoddy roofers make and how to avoid them in the first place.

1.   Poor materials

One of the most fundamental problems with shoddy roofers is that they don’t choose the right materials for the job. For one, this is because they lack expertise to choose something suitable to repair the problem. So, they don’t know the difference between durable flashing and the weak alternatives.

However, it’s also down to their obsession with cutting back costs on their end. Once they have given you a price, they go for the cheapest option – even if they’ve charged for more expensive materials in the quote. The result is a roof that won’t last and needs repairing further down the line.

2.   Short term fixes

Shoddy roofers are all about getting paid and getting out of there. Because of this, their work often appears to have fixed the problem for a few days or weeks. But when the bad weather hits, you’ll soon find the same issue cropping up however they will not return to investigate.

Why? In short, it’s because shoddy roofers fail to identify the root cause. Let’s say your property has a leak from the upstairs ceiling. They may look to patch up that leak from the inside of the loft, which will stop the water coming through for the time being. They may put a ladder up to your roof and ‘tap’ about for a bit to make it look like they are busy but in fact they are just ‘pulling the wool over the clients eyes’.

The problem is that no leak begins at the loft. It has undoubtedly come from your roof. Whether it’s a missing tile, blocked gutters or eroded flashing, that is the root cause of the leak and it needs to be repaired.

3.   The finer details

Some shoddy roofers are experienced in making their work look professional. They can put tiles on a roof and patch over problems. However, their shoddiness always shows in the finer details. Poor overlapping of tiles, improper nailing and inadequate flashing are all common issues with shoddy roofing jobs. Cheap materials = a cheap job. Cheap means possibly inferior, cutting corners and temporary.

While these details seem small, they are essential for the performance of your roof. Just one tile falling out of place or one break in the roof’s cover can lead to water ingress and serious damage to your roof’s structure. In short, it really isn’t worth the risk.

Get it right first time

At DPR Roofing, we have over 30 years’ experience in the roofing industry with the best training, qualifications and accreditations available. Our team of expert roofers are often called in to repair the damage left by shoddy roofers.

In every case, our domestic roofing services provide a long-lasting solution, which won’t leave customers in need of further work.